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Charlie bounces back with the help of The Pet Blood Bank

25 October 2013

We first met Charlie the spaniel when he was 6 months old. He was usually a very energetic, action-packed puppy who was constantly looking for mischief with his friend Ophelia (a 2 year old Jack Russell Terrier).

When Charlie suddenly became very weak and quiet at home, it was immediately clear to his owners just how unwell he was feeling. Charlie was seen by his local vet’s emergency service and the staff there found that he was severely anaemic because he was bleeding in to his chest cavity, and that this was also causing worrying problems with his breathing. It turned out that Charlie had managed to eat some rat poison which interferes with normal blood clotting – Charlie was suffering signs of rat bait toxicity which sadly are often life-threatening.

The following morning, Charlie was referred on to the specialist medicine team at Willows for further treatment – this involved giving him vitamin K (the antidote to the poison), but he also needed a blood transfusion to replace the blood he had lost. Thanks to the Pet Blood Bank (who supply just what dogs like Charlie need!) we were able to treat Charlie very quickly and within 24 hours blood tests showed he was out of danger.

As Charlie improved, we realised he was quite literally bouncing back to health and he transformed from being sweet angelic cuddlesome Charlie in to wild and whacky 'time for a romp' Charlie. We certainly knew when he was ready to go home and all the staff who had looked after Charlie were thrilled to see such a great improvement when he practically flew out of our front door with his very happy owners!

Charlie had to stay on his vitamin K tablets for 4 weeks, and because Ophelia and he were always together we decided to run a blood test just to check she had not been exposed to the poison as well. We were pleased to report that her blood test was normal – she was obviously a little older and wiser than Charlie!

Charlie’s owners and all the team at Willows are very grateful to the dogs (and their owners) who kindly donated blood that enabled us to save Charlie’s life.

For more details on Willows next blood donor session where your dog could become a blood donor life saver click here


Charlie says.....”Oops! – did I do something wrong?”

Charlie says.....”Oops! – did I do something wrong?”


Charlie bouncing back to health 

The wild and whacky Charlie back to his normal self

Charlie with his friend Ophelia