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Daisy’s story

24 June 2013

Willows 'Phone a Friend for the Pet Blood Bank Campaign 2013' 

Daisy was a typically lively and energetic six year old Springer Spaniel who we met in October 2012 when she had suddenly become very unwell, to the point where she was plodding on her walk and then hardly able to get out of bed – not what you expect from a Springer! Daisy was referred on to us by her local vets when they felt she needed specialist care.

Daisy was diagnosed with severe acute immune mediated haemolytic anaemia, which means her immune system (which normally fights off infection) suddenly started attacking her own red blood cells. This can be a very challenging disease to treat in some dogs, and Daisy is not the type of dog to do things by halves. She ultimately needed not one but five blood transfusions and a combination of three immune suppressive drugs before she was out of the woods. Thanks to the charity Pet Blood Bank UK we were able to access blood donated by pet dogs which was absolutely essential for Daisy.

Even when Daisy was very poorly and jaundiced due to her disease - her tail would always wag

Even when Daisy was very poorly and jaundiced due to her disease- her tail would always wag


Daisy in between transfusions with her support crew

Daisy in between transfusions with her support crew


Daisy is such a great dog with such committed owners that she has been one of our star patients and is now most definitely back in the woods and having a lovely life. So far, Daisy has not looked back after her illness, but we know that relapses can sometimes occur. Daisy’s owners and the medicine team at Willows Referral Service are very grateful to the dogs (and their owners) who kindly donated blood that enabled us to save her life, and although we hope not to have to call for help again, we know who to call if we need to.

Willows is running a blood donor session in conjunction with the Pet Blood Bank, a not-for-profit charitable organisation that supplies life-saving blood and blood products for dogs across the UK.

Learn more about Willows’ blood donor session and the Pet Blood Bank.