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Willows mends a broken heart!

21 April 2016




Floyd was seen as a very young puppy for investigations of a very loud heart murmur. A heart murmur is caused by an abnormal, turbulent blood flow in the heart or great vessels. In Floyd’s case, there was a vessel that should have closed at birth that failed to do so. The vessel is called a patent ductus arteriosus (PDA), the PDA is outlined here in this angiogram image.


Floyd's Angiogram


Chris Linney, one of our Cardiology Specialists, was able to diagnose the condition with our advanced ultrasound machine. The PDA, whilst seemingly small, measuring a mere 3mm, was putting an extreme workload on Floyd’s heart. Using minimally invasive surgery via access through the groin, Chris and the Cardiology team were able to place a device to close the defect. By closing the defect, Floyd is now enjoying a happy and long life.




Floyd's Angiograms



Without surgery Floyd was at risk of succumbing to this condition. With early surgery a PDA is easily treatable and curable. Without surgery 50% of dogs will die of this condition in the first year, our success rate for this condition approaches 100%.

Luckily for Floyd his vet detected his murmur early and referred him for further assessment. We would recommend a heart scan for any puppy or kitten with a moderate or loud heart murmur, early assessment can make all the difference.

Chris Linney and Mike Martin have the highest caseload in the country for this condition, performing the procedure almost weekly.







To find out further information regarding our cardiology services and information on murmurs and PDA’s please click on the following links:

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