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This is our lovely Star

28 November 2018

Five months ago Star started to have fits. During the investigation into her fits, she had an MRI scan of her brain, which was completely normal. She was started on medications for the seizures, but no improvement was noted.

The weekend before Star came to see our cardiology Specialist Brigite Pedro, she had approximately 10 seizures and her owners were extremely worried. After investigations with our cardiology team, Star was diagnosed with a heart block (very slow heart rate).

Slow heart rates can make dogs tired or even faint, but sometimes they can also have fits (like Star) because there is not enough blood and oxygen getting to their brain. In order for Star’s heart rate to be regulated she had a pacemaker implanted by our Specialist cardiology team.

We are delighted to report that after her pacemaker was implanted she is now full of energy and behaving like a puppy again (even if she is now 7 years old!)... And the best news of all is that since her pacemaker was implanted, Star has not had any more fits.


This is our lovely Star

This is our lovely Star

This is our lovely Star


Pacemakers for dogs
Willows cardiology team


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