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A spring in her step!

25 November 2018

Ripley, a 3 year old crossbred dog, had developed osteoarthritis in her right wrist joint following an injury when she was a puppy. She had coped well with this, but had then started to show signs of lameness and was referred to Willows Referral Centre to see orthopaedic Specialist, Toby Gemmill.

On examination, Toby was suspicious Ripley had discomfort in both elbows whereas the right wrist joint seemed relatively comfortable. A CT scan showed a fissure, or crack, in the bones next to her elbow joints. This serious condition can cause dogs to be very lame and even to develop complete fractures of the bone. In addition, the condition is difficult to treat as in most cases the defective bone will not heal.

Luckily, Willows’ orthopaedic team have developed new techniques for treating the fissures. An operation was performed on Ripley’s elbows to place a titanium screw across the fissures. Six weeks later she has made a full recovery and has gone back to running around the park without a limp.


A spring in her step!

CT scan of Ripley’s right wrist joint showing osteoarthritis. This was not actually the cause of her limping.


A spring in her step!

CT scan showing a crack in the bone above the right elbow.


A spring in her step!

Radiograph showing the titanium screw placed across the crack in the right elbow. A large screw is needed to support the bone.


Ripley enjoying a walk in the park 6 weeks after her operation.


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