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Carlos sees again!

11 December 2015

Carlos, a beautiful 1-year-old Shar Pei, presented to Willows with an eye problem. His owners became worried when his eyes suddenly became red with quite a lot of swelling around his eyelids. Initially his home vets thought this was an allergy but unfortunately the problem got worse, despite treatment for this.

The vet who initially saw Carlos was concerned that a cancerous condition might be the issue – and Carlos was referred to Willows where there are Specialists in both ophthalmology (eyes), and oncology (the study/treatment of cancer).

On presentation, Carlos had severe uveitis (inflammation inside the eye) with blood, pus and severe inflammation. Carlos could barely see and was bumping into objects at home and in the consultation room. He had also (understandably) become snappy with the vets as he was very scared because he couldn’t see.


Carlos's eye with severe uveitis (inflammation inside the eye) with blood, pus and severe inflammation

Carlos's eye with severe uveitis (inflammation inside the eye) with blood, pus and severe inflammation


James Elliott, one of Willows oncology Specialists, could see that Carlos had a major problem straight away and agreed with the first opinion vet that he may have cancer. He could also feel a slightly enlarged lymph node in front of his right shoulder and a sample was taken with a needle in the consultation room. James then applied a special stain to the sample before examining it under the microscope. Unfortunately this confirmed his worst suspicion – Carlos had lymphoma. Lymphoma is cancer of the white blood cells and tends to be widespread in the body of dogs, affecting a variety of organs. Rarely, as in Carlos’ case, it can affect the eyes. It is typically a disease of middle-aged or older patients – but sometimes it can affect very young animals too.

Carlos started intensive chemotherapy, which he is so far tolerating extremely well. His demeanour has improved, he is back to his normal self and within a week of treatment his eyes are almost normal. His vision has returned and he is no longer bumping into objects at home or at the vets.

Whilst lymphoma is not usually curable in the majority of cases, treatment response is typically rapid and most dogs can expect several months (if not longer) of good quality life.

We hope Carlos continues to respond well to treatment for as long as possible!


Carlos after starting treatment

Carlos after starting treatment



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