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Barley’s story

28 June 2013

We first met Barley, a Jack Russell Terrier when he was 6 months old and we are quite proud that he is now 4 years old! He first showed that he had no intention of being like other dogs when he had much more bleeding than usual from his gums when his adult teeth came through. He also became lame sometimes with a painful swelling affecting one of his legs which was due to a large haematoma or bruise. He has also developed occasional swellings over his rib cage.

Barley had a number of investigations when he was first referred to us by his local vets which showed that he had a rare inherited condition called haemophilia. Barley has a deficiency in one of the blood clotting factors which means he is at risk of serious bleeding just from going about his daily activities- and Barley likes to keep busy!

Although it was a worrying time for Barley’s owners while he had the investigations required to diagnose his condition, he leads a very happy and active life. When he has had problems due to bleeding we have been able to step in with transfusions of the necessary clotting factors which we obtain through the Pet Blood Bank, thanks to donations of blood from pet dogs. Barley’s haemophilia has caused him episodes when he is in a lot of pain, and a serious bleed could always prove life threatening, but thankfully when he receives treatment he usually feels much better very quickly. He turns from miserable sad Barley in to jet-propelled Barley within a few hours!

Barley has not needed his special transfusion for a while now, but we know exactly what we need for him if we see the tell-tale signs of painful swellings and a sad Barley.

Barley’s owners and the medicine team at Willows Referral Service are very grateful to the dogs (and their owners) who kindly donated blood that enabled us to have access to the cryoprecipitate that has helped him 3 times in the past. We know who to call if/when Barley gets in to trouble again!

Willows is running a blood donor session in conjunction with the Pet Blood Bank, a not-for-profit charitable organisation that supplies life-saving blood and blood products for dogs across the UK.

Learn more about Willows’ blood donor session and the Pet Blood Bank.


Barley sits out his cryoprecipitate transfusion waiting for more exciting times

Barley sits out his cryoprecipitate transfusion waiting for more exciting times


Barley says “I know I shouldn’t have cut my pad...”

Barley says “I know I shouldn’t have cut my pad....”


...But can I go home now please?”

"...But can I go home now please?”