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Keo Bounces Back!

30 December 2015

Keo Bounces Back!


Keo a beautiful young cat had a long stay at Willows during the summer. Keo likes to go outdoors and find adventures along the way like many cats do. Unfortunately for Keo, his owners found him feeling unwell one day, not wanting to eat his food and limping on his right hind leg. They took him to his usual vets who found him to be very painful around his back end with swelling of his right hind leg. They became very concerned when it was evident that poor Keo had a rather large area of necrotic (dead) tissue on his lower abdomen and extending all around to his back passage, which understandably, was the reason why Keo was feeling so uncomfortable.

As Keo’s condition was rather complicated, involving such a large area of tissue, he was referred to Willows to see the specialist soft tissue team. Examination revealed that an extensive amount of tissue was involved in the injury, affecting a large amount of his abdomen, inner thigh and extending around his penis and anus. As you can imagine this was very unpleasant and uncomfortable for poor Keo. He was admitted to the hospital for further investigation and surgery.

Under general anaesthesia, the infected wound was thoroughly cleaned and debrided (removing the dead tissue). This left a huge wound that could not heal by itself. Options to close the wound included multiple surgeries to gradually achieve closure or recruitment of skin from one hind limb to enable the wound to be closed in one operation. The second option would require amputation of one back leg in order to provide skin to close the wound. Amputation is not a decision we take lightly but as this option would allow Keo to heal and return to normal activity much sooner than if he were to undergo multiple operations, his owners opted for this approach. The unaffected skin from the limb was used to close the large open wound and the region healed very well.

It remains a mystery as to how Keo incurred this debilitating injury and after a long stay in the hospital receiving supportive care, we are now delighted to say that Keo is recovering very well at home.

Keo’s owners have recently updated us on Keo’s recovery… Go Keo!

We’d like to thank you all so much for everything you have done for Keo, special thanks to Chris, Faye and Amy and also everyone who cared for Keo during his recent long term stay with you.

We are so delighted to let you know he is showing a fantastic recovery, he knows no bounds and we would definitely say he does not consider himself disabled following his leg amputation, in fact he seems to have doubled in his personality since he has been back at home!

His fur is growing back, he is so full of life and we have recently started letting him out for a few hours a day, as you can see he has taken to camping in our garden, I found this “cat tent” online and would definitely recommend this, within 5 minutes of putting it up he was using it! He is getting stronger by the day on his back leg, he’s definitely not letting his loss get him down, he is so full of energy and is adapting beyond our expectations, he really is our very extraordinary special boy and so glad you were able to give him another chance to enjoy his love of life and to annoy his sister, Stella who he is constantly chasing around the house and garden!


Keo Bounces Back!


Keo Bounces Back!


Keo Bounces Back!