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Duncan sees clearly now…

22 December 2015

We have recently received a lovely letter from a client. They have been attending the practice on a regular basis, with Duncan and his friend Russell. Duncan was referred to see Specialist ophthalmology veterinary surgeon, Heidi Featherstone. Heidi examined Duncan and unfortunately he was diagnosed with cataracts in both eyes. Using the latest techniques and equipment, which we are very fortunate to have, delicate surgery was performed and the cataracts were removed. Duncan and his owners were thrilled with the results and have taken the time to share their experiences with us through a jointly written heartfelt letter…


Duncan and his friend Russell.


We have two Shi Tzu male dogs, they are both four years old but from different kennels in different Counties in the East Midlands. We share this information to let you know that they are very different in almost every way.

Duncan is black and white with attractive markings, whilst Russell is predominantly black with white chest and feet and looks very ‘pretty’, but is all dog you can be assured. You correctly presume that we are not particularly knowledgeable in the description and the anatomy of our very lovely dog friends, but we are certain that they have enhanced our lives since they accepted us as hosts.

A marked difference is their taste in sport and whilst Russell will watch, with some animation, Liverpool Football Club in the Premier League, Duncan, is without doubt an avid cricket fan.

Duncan’s appreciation of cricket extends to his favoured 20-20 vision of the game. This is astonishing when you realise that Duncan has a problem with his eyes!

A true visionary, Duncan was invited to visit Willows, and jumped at the opportunity, (he is a very good jumper). We introduced him to ‘Heidy the High’ Doctor, as he refers to her now, but she is actually a gifted surgeon and practitioner in the field of eye treatment and we forgive Duncan for his simplification of her title and familiarity, he is after all a dog.

Duncan has been attending Willows for about a year and although he may have been a little apprehensive at first he was and is always accompanied by his dear friend, Russell. Russell has been a tower of strength and support to Duncan and for a while the two were inseparable. We eventually learned how to undo the joined up lead that we bought for them as puppies so now they are more independent!

Russell is without a doubt the reckless ‘teenager’ where Duncan is more the stately gentleman, so it was quite difficult after the operation to keep them calm for a number of weeks. The application of drops each day were at first numerous and had we been dishwashers in a café we would have been sacked. The number of eye drops required gradually reduced and now we only have to administer one drop twice each day. Duncan is a star when being treated at Willows as well as on the utility room work-top at home. He intimated once that he couldn’t see the point of complaining because he could actually see better with the drops; quite profound for a four year old, you must agree.

We are delighted to report that Duncan continues to improve and it was not long before the play fights commenced again.

It is amazing that such professional care and attention is available to all sorts of animals through Willows and the facilities are superb. My husband and ‘eye’ have been completely satisfied with the advice support, treatment and recovery care and attention that Heidi and the staff have given to our Duncan and we are certain that should Russell ever need clinical care of any sort, Duncan will be able to assure him that at Willows he will be looked after perfectly well.

Thank you Willows.