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Spooky-Boo Runs Again!

6 July 2016

We are so happy to be able to share this heart-warming story about Spooky Boo with you all.

At the beginning of the year Spooky Boo had a very unfortunate accident whilst out enjoying her usual walk. She slipped over and fell awkwardly which left her in pain and unable to move her back legs. This was understandably a very distressing time for Spooky and her owners. She received treatment from her own vets but sadly didn’t show any signs of improvement - she was still unable to stand or use her back legs.

Spooky Boo was referred to Willows to see our Neurology clinician James Elford as this was a very serious and complex injury. After a thorough examination by James, Spooky Boo was admitted to the hospital for an MRI scan as James suspected a critical injury to her spine. The scan revealed a hydrated nucleus pulposus disc extrusion and neurological signs were a result of bruising to the spinal cord.


MRI showing the spinal cord, the arrow indicates the compression on the spinal cord.

MRI showing the spinal cord, the arrow indicates the compression on the spinal cord


With this type of injury, surgery is not indicated and therefore the outcome would be uncertain for Spooky due to the severity of her clinical signs.

Spooky Boo was blessed with truly dedicated owners who were happy to devote themselves to her care. Regular physiotherapy was needed along with bladder management in the early days of recovery, since the beginning of the year Spooky Boo has made steady progress. Her amazing owners have given her all the support they possibly can with physiotherapy, hydrotherapy appointments and even getting her a custom made wheelchair to help her get around.


Spooky having physiotherapy

Spooky having physiotherapy


Spooky enjoying a walk

Spooky enjoying a walk


Spooky having hydrotherapy

Spooky having hydrotherapy


Spooky-Boo running


Spooky has been an absolute star and has been featured in her local newspaper, see here for the link to the newspaper story and to see a video of Spooky using her wheelchair: http://www.worcesternews.co.uk

Her recovery has been remarkable and we are absolutely delighted to say that Spooky Boo can now not only walk again - but she can run again too!