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More than a day’s work for Willows nurse Emma...

23 May 2016

Berlioz is growing beautifully


Annually during the month of May, the British Veterinary Nursing Association (BVNA) raises awareness of the veterinary nursing profession and the provision of responsible pet care.

Here at Willows, we are incredibly proud of our nursing team and as part of National Veterinary Nursing Awareness month we wanted to share with you some of the amazing work our nurses do.

Emma is a Registered Veterinary Nurse (RVN) at Willows. As a treatment room nurse, she is based in the busiest part of the hospital, completing many tasks including taking x-rays, monitoring patients under general anaesthesia, assisting with CT scans, joint taps and CSF sampling, taking blood samples, placing intravenous catheters and helping to take care of the patients in the wards. Emma is very passionate about veterinary nursing and strives to provide the best care she possibly can to all of the patients. She thoroughly enjoys working alongside such a fantastic, skilled, team at Willows.

Our nurses are very passionate about the pets they care for and will often go that extra mile to help. Emma certainly did that recently - but it was all worth it for a kitten in need!

A very young kitten was brought into Willows’ out of hours clinic by the police. The kitten was found outside in the cold by himself. The poor little boy was thought to be only a few hours old as he still had a long umbilical cord attached. Having had a thorough check-up he was found to be unharmed, but in need of lots of TLC. Emma formed a bond with this little chap, affectionately called him Berlioz after the stray black kitten from the Disney film ‘Aristocats’ and took on the very tiring task of becoming his mum! This meant feeding on demand every 2hrs and lots of cuddles to get him to settle. He is doing incredibly well and putting on weight and firmly has a place in Emma’s heart and home now! Well done Emma.


Berlioz is growing beautifully


Berlioz is growing beautifully


Berlioz is growing beautifully


Berlioz is growing beautifully


Berlioz is growing beautifully

As you can see by the photos above, Berlioz is growing beautifully!