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Jess’s Bank Holiday Jam!

4 September 2016

When Jess refused his breakfast on August Bank Holiday weekend, his owner knew there was something wrong. Jess is an 11 year old black and white cat who was rescued by his owners when he was just 7 weeks old.

He is quite timid and nervous and doesn’t venture outside but he is a very happy cat and really loves his food. Throughout the day, his condition worsened, he was crying constantly, became very unsteady on his paws and he kept trying to hide away – behind the washing machine, under beds and behind the sofa. He clearly needed to see a vet urgently.

Having called Willows Out of Hours number, Jess’s owner was asked to take him straight there and upon arrival, he was assessed immediately. Unfortunately Jess had a blocked bladder, which meant that he was unable to do a wee and his bladder was so full that it was causing him a great deal of discomfort, pain and distress. If left untreated, this condition is fatal for male cats – a cat that can’t wee is a cat that is going to die, it really is that critical!

Veterinary Surgeon, James Guillem explained that the priority was to unblock Jess’s bladder to relieve his pain and discomfort and to prevent possible kidney damage. Jess was admitted and had his procedure, where his bladder was emptied and a catheter was inserted. Jess’s renal function was showing elevated results on admission, so regular blood tests were carried out to monitor this. An ultrasound scan confirmed that there were no sinister reasons for the blockage.

Jess had to stay in hospital with his catheter in place for a couple of days, on pain medication, but he soon perked up once his bladder was emptied. Once his catheter was removed it was a matter of waiting for Jess to use his litter tray – something that he was struggling to do, which could have resulted in urine scalding (where urine leaks/dribbles and causes sore patches a bit like nappy rash in babies) so Primary Care Clinician, Sam Carrington-Brown administered a drug to ensure that Jess was able to empty his bladder sufficently.


Jess in intensive care following his procedure

Jess in intensive care following his procedure


After four very worrying days for his owners, Jess was finally well enough (and weeing enough) to go home with a supply of medicine and a specially prescribed diet (that Jess and his siblings can all eat without any issues) to reduce the chance of this recurring. His brothers and sister, who had been very distressed by his absence, were overjoyed to have him back, if not a little miffed that he’d been off on an adventure without them!

Willows provide an outstanding 24-hour veterinary emergency care service, without which, Jess would most likely have died.


Jess in Willows' dedicated cat ward awaiting his mom to take him home

Jess in Willows' dedicated cat ward awaiting his mom to take him home


Jess’s owner said “Thank you to all the Primary Care team for taking such great care of my Jess. He is a timid old man, very set in his ways and has never before been apart from his brothers and sister, so for him to have to go to hospital was a very traumatic ordeal for him. From the moment he was admitted, he has received outstanding medical care and lots of love and whilst we hope we never to have to return – your cat friendly facilities and expertise is second to none and it’s very reassuring to know that you are always there, whether it’s a Bank Holiday, or even Christmas Day. Thank you so much”.


Jess at home


Jess at home


Jess at home


For further information on Willows Out-of-Hours Emergency Service.