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The Adventures of Floyd!

29 January 2017



In April last year, we featured Floyd’s story and now would like to update you on Floyd’s latest adventures, following his heart surgery.

Floyd was seen as a very young puppy for investigations of a very loud heart murmur. A heart murmur is caused by an abnormal, turbulent blood flow in the heart or great vessels. In Floyd’s case, there was a vessel that should have closed at birth that failed to do so. The vessel is called a patent ductus arteriosus (PDA).

The PDA was putting an extreme workload on Floyd’s heart. Using minimally invasive surgery via access through the groin, Chris and the Cardiology team were able to place a device to close the defect. By closing the defect, Floyd is now enjoying a happy and long life.

His loving owners have regularly updated us with all of his adventures now he is able to lead a normal life again. Floyd loves his walks around a country park, where his owners have a caravan and he has very recently taken part in his first agility classes and is really loving it.

Floyd’s owner said “The treatment was incredibly successful, he’s now a normal puppy and running rings around everyone, trying to destroy anything in sight! Before his treatment you wouldn’t necessarily have realised anything was wrong with him, you may have thought he was well behaved but now you can tell just what a difference it has made.

The team at Willows were wonderful. What they do really is the difference between life and death for these dogs. There was a lot of reassurance about the procedure and lots of statistics were explained. It went a long way to easing the stress of a difficult situation and they really put my mind at ease.

It is a two-hour drive from where we live in Lancashire but that didn’t come into our thinking - it was all about getting the best treatment for Floyd and, after doing a lot of research, we knew that would be at Willows.”






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