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Buddy enjoyed an ‘Elf-y’ Christmas!

28 December 2016

Christmas came early for Buddy this year.

Back in July, Buddy’s family was given the devastating news that their beloved 14 year old rescue dog had prostate cancer.

Buddy came to see Primary Care Vet, Amy Knapman, when he was feeling rather unwell. He was found to have a high temperature and pain in his abdomen. An ultrasound was performed by one of our Specialist imaging team, which unfortunately revealed that there were some changes to the appearance of his prostate gland and these changes reflected a cancerous growth.


An ultrasound image showing a small mineralised focus just adjacent to the prostatic urethra

An ultrasound image showing a small mineralised focus just adjacent to the prostatic urethra


Surgery in this area can be very challenging and as Buddy was having some difficulty urinating because of the changes in his prostate, Amy was very worried about his overall prognosis. Buddy was started on some medication to reduce the size of his prostate and to alleviate his symptoms.

We were delighted that the medication resolved Buddy’s symptoms and he is back to enjoying a very happy life at home.


Buddy on a recent visit to Willows with his loving family

Buddy on a recent visit to Willows with his loving family


Buddy’s owner Fiona said: “It was a very sad time for us as he is such a big part of the family. We were at a point when we thought we were saying goodbye to Buddy, then the Specialists at Willows suggested a different course of drugs.

He’s gone from being unable to even wag his tail to enjoying his life again. Amy and the team at Willows were wonderful. They explained everything very carefully and diplomatically and it was very reassuring to know Buddy was in such good hands”.

Fiona’s love of dogs does not end with Buddy. She also works with Romanian rescue organisation A Dog’s Life, which is currently seeking support to move two homeless puppies called Autumn and Summer to the UK.

Fiona said: “There are tens of thousands of stray dogs in Romania. We are desperately hoping to raise enough money to transport Autumn and Summer here to find them a home this month”.

If you can help, please visit https://www.gofundme.com/saving-autumn-summer-from-winter