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Paws for thought and protect furry friends at christmas - A message from the team…

21 December 2016

Paws for thought and protect furry friends at christmas - A message from the team…


As Christmas approaches please remember to keep ribbons and tinsel safely away from pets. Over the years we have seen many cases where pets have been left in a critical condition after swallowing lengths of thread, ribbons and tinsel, amongst many other things!

Recently a young cat was rushed to surgery after an ultrasound scan revealed that his intestines were folded up due to the effects of swallowing a length of thread. Emergency surgery by one of our Specialist soft tissue surgeons revealed that the thread had cut through the intestinal wall which led to part of the intestine being surgically removed. The situation for this patient was very serious, and although he went on to make a full recovery, this highlights the dangers of string and ribbon being left lying around over Christmas.

We don’t want to be killjoys but we would urge all pet owners to keep their homes tidy over the festive period and bear in mind the potential risk unattended decorations, toys, food packaging and wrapping materials can pose to a playful cat or dog.

Click on the link for our top tips on keeping your pets safe over Christmas.