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Frankie breathes a sigh of relief!

9 August 2017

Frankie is a gorgeous 8 month old Siamese cat who came to Willows following two months of coughing. He had been treated with oral antibiotics and a steroid injection and some improvement was noted, but his signs had not resolved.


Frankie breathes a sigh of relief!


We were concerned that Frankie may have asthma, however infectious diseases could not be fully excluded. He underwent further investigations to try and identify the underlying cause.

Frankie was anaesthetised and a chest CT was performed and this showed classic signs of asthma with thickening of the bronchi (lower airways) and some mucous in the bronchi. A bronchoscope (camera study of his airways) was performed as well as a bronchoalveolar lavage (airway wash). The airway wash revealed an increased number of a specific type of inflammatory cells (eosinophils). Infectious disease testing on the airway wash sample was negative. These results were consistent with asthma.

Frankie was started on oral steroids (to dampen down the inflammation) as well as inhaled steroids and bronchodilators (to open up his airways). We use normal inhalers and a special spacer device called “AeroKat” to facilitate administration of the drugs. He has had an excellent response to therapy and his coughing has now fully resolved.

Full resolution is not possible in all cases, and there is a risk his signs will reoccur. Frankie’s oral steroids have been tapered and will stop and he will continue to be treated with inhaled medication. It can take some time for cats to get use to the inhaled medication so requires a compliant patient and dedicated owners! Thankfully Frankie and his owners tick both of these boxes!


Frankie breathes a sigh of relief!

Frankie breathes a sigh of relief!

Frankie breathes a sigh of relief!


#Willows #catfriendlyclinic #felineasthma