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Double win for Tilly

25 June 2017

Winning Best Veteran and Pride of the Village whilst receiving chemotherapy treatment!

Tilly is an 8-year-old Golden Retriever who visited her usual vet a few months ago for “not being right”, lethargic and off her food – which was most unlike her. The referring vet speedily examined Tilly under sedation and unfortunately found a left-sided, plum-sized mass on her tonsil. The vets were worried about cancer as, unfortunately, we don’t tend to see benign tumours on the tonsils of dogs. Tilly was quickly referred to Willows and seen by Vincent, one of the Soft Tissue Surgery specialists. He removed the tonsil with a specialised tool which allows for easier and more accurate and safe removal of throat masses and there were fortunately no complications.


Double win for Tilly


As predicted, the mass was confirmed as a malignant tumour but the pathologists could not give the tumour a name without further tests, though they knew it was aggressive. The tumour was subsequently confirmed as an histiocytic sarcoma (HS) – a highly aggressive cancer to which Golden Retrievers are sadly predisposed. Her case was therefore transferred to one of our three oncology specialists, James Elliott. A CT scan was performed to ensure there was no obvious sign of tumour spread and luckily this was clear. Unfortunately, however, HS had already seeded to other sites in the body at a microscopic level in most cases, so chemotherapy was advised (as it always is after surgical removal of a tumour) to try and eradicate these microscopic deposits before they can grow into secondary cancers – though in many cases it only delays this from happening.

This week Tilly had her last chemotherapy treatment, to which she has had no negative effects at all. She even won “Best Veteran” and “Pride of the Village” in a recent show!


Double win for Tilly

Double win for Tilly


Tilly was a pleasure to treat and we do hope that her cancer stays in remission for as long as possible!