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Lifesaving treatment for Bailey

8 July 2015

Bailey is a very lovable young dog that was presented to Willows out of hours one evening as his owners had become very worried about him. Bailey had surgery at his usual vets the previous day but despite correct surgical techniques being performed Bailey had continued to bleed heavily through his surgical wound.

When Bailey arrived at Willows he was taken into the intensive care unit for triage and was seen urgently by Kirsty Roe, Internal Medicine Specialist. Bailey had pale gums, a weak pulse and a very swollen and bruised right hind leg, where his previous surgery had been performed. This was all suggestive of a severe haemorrhage (blood loss) and examination and blood tests confirmed this. Bailey required immediate attention for a life threatening condition. Obviously this was a very upsetting time for Bailey’s loving owners.

An urgent blood transfusion was required to correct the blood loss Bailey had suffered. Bailey’s blood was cross matched as he had received a blood transfusion before and thanks to the charity Pet Blood Bank UK, we were able to access blood donated by pet dogs. This was absolutely essential to save Bailey’s life.

Bailey was hospitalised for a few days for continuous monitoring throughout the day and night by veterinary specialists and nurses. He was on strict rest and pain relief to make him comfortable until the bleeding had stopped.

Having had previous problems with bleeding after surgery, Kirsty suspected that Bailey may have a blood disorder that had been present since birth. Further blood samples were taken and sent to a specialist laboratory in America. These tests confirmed that Bailey had a condition called haemophilia A, which is a very serious condition where the blood is not able to clot properly and is a lifelong disease.

This highlights the importance of blood donors, and the amazing work the Pet Blood Bank UK does. Bailey’s owners and the veterinary team at Willows are always very grateful to the dogs who donate as it means that treatment is always available for dogs like Bailey.

Further information on dog heroes and heroines and blood donor sessions


Bailey's very swollen and bruised right hind leg 

Bailey's very swollen and bruised right hind leg

Bailey's very swollen and bruised right hind leg where he had previous surgery


Willows’ veterinary specialists and nurses continuously monitored Bailey day and night

Willows’ veterinary specialists and nurses continuously monitored Bailey day and night


Bailey at home

Bailey recovering at home


Bailey's hind leg after recovery

Bailey's hind leg after recovery


Bailey at home

Bailey at home enjoying life