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Eye Watering Story for India!

25 February 2018

India the Spanish Water Dog came to Willows after becoming very distressed with her right eye following a walk. India is a very inquisitive young dog and spends most of her walks with her head in the bushes following new scents.

During the consultation India's eye was found to be very red and inflamed, local anaesthetic drops were applied to allow full examination and a foreign body was seen tucked up under her upper eye lid. This was carefully removed with specialised forceps and found to be a piece of conifer tree.

Once this was removed India's eye was assessed for damage. She was found to have sustained some superficial scratches to her cornea (the surface layer of the eye), so a contact lens was placed to protect the eye and improve her comfort levels. India was discharged with painkillers and eye drops but seemed much more comfortable after her treatment!


Eye Watering Story for India!

Eye Watering Story for India!

Eye Watering Story for India!


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