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Happy Chinese New Year - Year of the Dog

18 February 2018

Happy Chinese New Year- Year of the Dog


Friday 16th February 2018 marked the start of Chinese New Year – Year of the Dog. One of our clients has shared their update on Quiz and Rags who have both been treated at Willows by Stephen Baines (soft tissue and oncology Specialist) and Chris Shales (soft tissue Specialist) and explained why it will always be year of the dog in their household!

Just a hello from Quiz and Rags. Neither of these boys should be here by rights and as they haven’t been back to you since their ops I thought you may like a quick update.

Quiz was brought to you almost three years ago with a mass on his spleen and was seen by Dr Baines. It was suspected he had a haemangiosarcoma and we decided to have his spleen removed in the hope that this may give us some extra time with our boy. Quiz is now nearly 12 1/2 years old. He regularly goes “scats” around the field and can disappear quicker than I can close the patio door. He is a little sad at the moment as we lost his sister (Rags’ dam) at the end of October and prefers his own company to the other dogs. He is still very sound and shows no aliments for his age. The only change we made to his daily routine was to double his daily intake of garlic.


Happy Chinese New Year- Year of the Dog

Photos taken on their 12th birthday


Rags was rushed to you in February 2016, where he was operated on by Chris Shales for what turned out to be a burst gall bladder and septicaemia. He stayed with you for five days and Mr Shales may remember him as the big black happy flatcoat who pretended not to be ill! His recovery was very slow and the slightest thing would bring him down. A tick bite took three courses of antibiotics before he would heal. I set us a challenge to get him back in the show ring in January 2017, the same show he had been to before he had collapsed. There were 11 of the top dogs in his class and he won the VHC - not the biggest award he had won but by far the most special!

A year older, Raggie should have been more grown up but his attitude was that he had 12 months of his life to get back. He is a complete hooligan, in fact the most disobedient Flattie we have ever owned, but with one rather endearing quality, that he can empathise with children. They are probably on the same wave length! Despite his size, 25in and 35kgs, he seems to charm frightened children by sitting and starring at them - keeping complete eye contact, whilst wagging his tail on the ground. He then gives them a high five and they nearly always respond, often waving to him as they leave.

Before he was ill he had regular unexplained stomach upsets but rarely has them now. We kept him on his original diet and were very strict about treats but after a year back in the world, I am less worried about the odd snack offered him. In fact the only obedience training that he always responds to has to end with the word biscuit!


Happy Chinese New Year- Year of the Dog

Photo taken after first swim in our pond during heat wave last year


It will always be the Year of the Dog in our household but we are very happy that amongst the seven flatcoats are two who might not have been here. Thank you for saving our two boys.

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