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Getting to the Root of the Problem for Barney!

31 January 2018

Getting to the Root of the Problem for Barney!


Barney is an 11 year old Labrador. He had been a fit and healthy dog up until September 2017, when he developed sudden onset lethargy, sore feet, anorexia and a high temperature. Because it had come on so suddenly and he was quite unwell, Barney was referred to Willows to see Internal Medicine Specialist Fergus Allerton. Fergus suspected a skin disease was making him poorly, so recruited the help of Dermatology Specialist Jon Hardy. Together, Fergus and Jon agreed on a plan of tests and soon diagnosed Barney with pemphigus foliaceus; this is a rare auto-immune disease where the immune system starts attacking the skin cells.

Barney was started on treatment for this condition, and he was expected to respond quite well. However, Barney’s problems were not over, as he struggled to tolerate any of the medications commonly used to control the disease over the following months; he even ended up back in hospital with severe vomiting and diarrhoea on 2 separate occasions. Despite this, Barney did so well and coped with everything brilliantly, maintaining his wagging tail throughout.

Although at one point the prognosis for Barney was looking quite poor, we are pleased to report that Barney is now tolerating an alternative drug regime well and his skin disease is fully in remission. The hair on his clipped belly is also growing back nicely! The following pictures were kindly sent into us by Barney’s owners, and they clearly show he’s back to his playful self!


Getting to the Root of the Problem for Barney!

Getting to the Root of the Problem for Barney!


For more information on our dermatology and internal medicine services, please visit Dermatology and Internal Medicine.

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