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Roker’s Itch is Finally Under Control

19 November 2017

Roker’s Itch is Finally Under Control


Roker is a 4 ½ year old Bedlington Terrier who was referred to Willows earlier in the year with a long-standing history of itchy skin and almost constant ear infections.

He was seen by Dermatology Specialist Jon Hardy, who examined him and diagnosed allergic skin disease. To make sure his ear disease hadn’t ruptured his ear drums, Jon performed an anaesthetic and a CT scan. However, luckily, Roker’s ears didn’t look too bad and a camera flushing procedure of the ears called video-otoscopy confirmed that the ear drums were intact.

Following this, Roker’s ear infections were treated with powerful anti-fungal medication and his signs of ear scratching and pain resolved. However, his itching continued and failed to respond to the drug Apoquel. The only thing that seemed to help was high doses of steroid medication, but Jon and Roker’s owner were not happy to continue with this long term.

Luckily, a brand new drug for dogs with allergy was launched in the summer called Cytopoint. This is an antibody therapy that binds to a chemical involved in the itch pathway of dogs. Unlike the other drugs available, it is a simple injection under the skin providing fast relief from itching for 1 month. As the antibody is so specific to the chemical it binds to, the side effects from the therapy are very minimal.

As Roker was a good candidate to try this new drug, he received his first dose of Cytopoint in July, and this was promptly followed up with another one a month later as he did so well! We are pleased to report that Roker is still doing well with the therapy, with no ear infections, no itching and no steroids.

Roker’s owner kindly sent us a few pictures to show how well he is doing.


Roker’s Itch is Finally Under Control

Roker’s Itch is Finally Under Control

Roker’s Itch is Finally Under Control


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