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A first for Willows Oncology Specialist with new Canine Lymphoma treatment

15 October 2017

The accepted standard of care for most dogs with lymphoma is multi-drug chemotherapy. This is typically extremely effective for dogs with lymphoma, but in most cases the disease eventually comes back. Various “rescue” chemotherapy protocols can be very effective for some patients, but eventually the cancer becomes multi-drug resistant and the lymphoma progresses resulting in the need for euthanasia once significant clinical signs develop.

Rabacfosadine (Tanovea-CA1) is a novel chemotherapy drug with a unique mechanism of action, making it an attractive treatment option for lymphoma, including relapsed cases. It is the only chemotherapy drug developed specifically for dogs and specifically with the cancer lymphoma.

Tanovea-CA1 has been shown to be effective in relapsed lymphoma. It has gained provisional FDA approval in the USA and until recently was unavailable in the UK. It can only be ordered on a case-by-case basis with a special license. Side effects are typically mild in nature and self-limiting.

This is an exciting, cutting edge treatment which has been brought about by lots of research and an increased understanding of cancer biology to help in our fight against cancer in pets. This treatment option is currently only being performed in the UK at Willows Referral Service in Solihull.


New Canine Lymphoma treatment


Tetankah was the first UK-based dog to receive Tanovea-CA1! Luckily she is a pleasure to treat and was more than happy to have a rest for half an hour whilst her infusion was running! Her treatment was administered by Oncology Specialist, James Elliott. Tetankah has tolerated all her previous chemotherapy extremely well and her dedicated owners are keen to try everything possible. Please keep your fingers crossed for her!

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