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Pioneering Interventional Procedure

for TinyTeddy!

Ground breaking surgery by our very own team has proved size

doesn’t matter for Teddy as he was one of the smallest patients in the

world to undergo surgery for a congenital heart defect.

Weighing in at just over 2.2kg Teddy was one of the smallest patients to undergo lifesaving

heart surgery at Willows. At just eight weeks of age, Teddy was referred to our Specialist

cardiology team as he had been diagnosed with a patent ductus arteriosus (PDA).

On presentation, Teddy was dyspnoeic with pulmonary oedema and became easily stressed

by examination. Doppler echocardiographic examination demonstrated the PDA and despite

the pulmonary oedema, sufficient visualisation was obtained to make the measurements

for sizing the device. However there was a marked volume overload of the left ventricle and

atrium as a consequence of the PDA, with early systolic failure of the left ventricle.

Urgent surgery was necessary for Teddy, as he was already showing signs of heart failure.

The cardiology team at Willows are one of only a few in the UK who can carry out this type

of cardiac interventional procedure – this type of procedure has regularly been performed

on patients as small as 4kg but until now, 4kg has been the cut off for an interventional

procedure of this condition.

Under general anaesthesia the femoral vein was catheterised. The PDA was retrograde

catheterised and an angiogram performed under fluoroscopic image intensification. This

revealed a moderately large duct, which had an ostium of 3-4mm and an ampulla of 7mm.

An 8mm Amplatzer Plug II was then deployed across the ostium of the duct. The Amplatzer

Plug was then released from the delivery device. Repeat echocardiography demonstrated

no residual ductal flow and there was already improvement in the heart size on the post-

procedure scan -

an excellent result




RCVS and European Specialist in

Veterinary Cardiology

Brigite sees medical and surgical cardiology cases,

and is particularly interested in the diagnosis and

management of arrhythmias, in particular, atrial

fibrillation, and the medical and surgical treatment

of congenital heart diseases.

Emma Hall


ECVS Resident in Small Animal Surgery

Emma has a strong interest in all areas of soft tissue

and orthopaedic surgery, and is currently working

towards a European Diploma in Veterinary Surgery.

Cristoforo Ricco


Clinician inVeterinary Neurology

Cristoforo developed his interest in Neurology

whilst completing an externship at Fregis Small

Animal Hospital, Paris, which is the largest small

animal hospital in France.

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