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Daisy looking for love

A lovely young dog called Daisy, was presented to

Will Robinson, one of Willows’ general practice vets earlier this year.

X-rays (radiographs)


Fracture of right shin

bone (tibia)


X-ray of a normal

left tibia


Post operative X-ray of

the right leg with the

pin and wire in place

Daisy came to visit with the

Love UnderDogs

charity who had been looking after her for

the last few weeks. They had noticed that after a moderate period of chasing the other

young dogs at the rehoming centre she became quite lame and sore on her right hind limb.

She was initially rested and given some anti-inflammatory

painkillers, however this didn’t improve things.

When Daisy was examined she was

found to have pain in her right knee

(stifle) joint andWill decided that

the best course of action would be

to sedate Daisy and then take some

X-rays (radiographs) of her right hind

limb and her hips. The radiographs

showed that her hips and her left

knee joint were ok but that she had a

fracture affecting her right shin bone.

This particular type of fracture is called

a tibial tuberosity avulsion fracture.

This can be seen by comparing the

X-rays of her left and right knee joints.

This type of fracture occurs relatively

infrequently and is often seen in dogs

between 4 and 8 months of age. The

tibial tuberosity serves as the insertion

site of the kneecap (patella) tendon.

Occasionally the leg can be stabilised

in a cast but more often than not

internal fixation with implants is

required. In Daisy’s case, a pin was

driven across the fracture and secured

in placed with a wire.

Daisy made a marvellous recovery after

surgery and is coping very well during

a period of post operative confinement

to prevent her damaging the surgical

repair; this is not an easy task for a

young energetic puppy!

The prognosis for a return to normal

function is looking good for Daisy.

Daisy is recovering well from

surgery and has now found love

in her forever home.

Welcome to our

Summer/Autumn newsletter

William Robinson


General Practice Service Clinician

Daisy on the road to a full recovery and enjoying her active life