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Welcome to our

Summer newsletter

An end to the sneezes

for Florence...

Florence, a lovely little cat belonging to one of our receptionists

Alyson, had a throat problem and came to see Sam, one of our

primary clinicians.

Three year old Florence had been sneezing a

lot, coughing and retching like she was trying

to bring something up, and was suffering from

bad breath. Although she was still eating and

drinking, she was not feeling herself.

Clinical signs indicated that a foreign body was

stuck in her upper respiratory tract, so Florence

was anaesthetised to allow examination of her

throat and upper airway. Luckily for Florence,

a grass blade was found stuck in the back of

her throat, which Sam was able to remove quite

easily with some forceps. Florence was given

some anti-inflammatory medication to reduce

the inflammation in her throat, and she made a

very good recovery.

Cats and dogs will sometimes eat grass when

they are feeling nauseous to make themselves

vomit, and occasionally this will lead to the

grass becoming stuck in the back of the nasal

passages or throat. Most of the time this can

be retrieved with the patient under general

anaesthesia, although sometimes requires use

of an endoscope to guide removal.

Willows offer a reduced pricemid-year health check,

6months after the annual booster vaccination, so

we can check your pet is in tip-top condition and

discuss any concerns youmight have.

Call us on 0121 712 7070 to book an appointment.

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Georgina to the Primary


Georgina graduated from the

Royal Veterinary College in 2012.

Before joining Willows primary

care team, she spent 2 years in a

rural companion animal practice

followed by a further 2 years in an

extremely busy small animal clinic

in the Midlands.

Georgina enjoys the variety that

general practice has to offer, but

some of her favourite aspects

include; working with nervous

dogs, working up complex

medical cases, and meeting a

wide variety of animals and their

owners. She is currently working

towards an RCVS Certificate in

Small Animal Medicine (RCVS

CertAVP(SAM)) and hopes to

push the boundaries of her

knowledge and experience by

joining the Willows team and

working alongside some of the top

Specialists in the country.

In her spare time Georgina shows

and breeds Donskoys (a Russian

breed of hairless cat), she enjoys

show jumping with her rescue pony

Joey, and has recently taken up

agility with her Italian greyhound.