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can cause painful swelling of the

eyelids, ears, face and genitals, and affected rabbits

can also develop a secondary bacterial infection.

Myxomatosis can be carried by mosquitoes and

flies which can travel long distances on the wind.

Viral haemorrhagic disease

can cause sudden

death with few or no symptoms at all. Even if you

do not live near a population of wild or domestic

rabbits, your pet rabbit could still be at risk from

these potentially lethal infections.

During the 15 minute appointment you will have

with us for your bunny’s vaccination, one of our

primary clinic vets will take a detailed history,

including information about your rabbit’s diet,

appetite, and housing. Your vet will also perform a

thorough clinical examination, weigh your rabbit,

and check his or her teeth – dental disease is very

common in rabbits, and overgrowth of the teeth

can cause pain, loss of appetite and debilitating

illness. We can look for early clues of underlying

dental disease such as weight loss, faecal soiling or

a ‘messy bottom’ which occurs when the mouth

is too painful for the rabbit to remove faeces, as

they would do normally. Runny eyes can also

occur when tooth roots press on the tear ducts,

and drooling may be seen secondary to oral pain.

Irregular swelling of the jaw will also be checked

for – this can arise where tooth roots are too long

or where a tooth root abscess has formed. We

will also use a small inspection instrument to

help us to detect any sharp painful spurs on the

teeth and possible ulceration of the tongue.

We think that it’s a good idea to weigh rabbits

twice a year and for a vet to examine their teeth –

rabbits teeth are constantly growing, so problems

can develop quite quickly.

At Willows we recommend an annual vaccination to help to protect your

rabbit against two infectious diseases – myxomatosis and viral haemorrhagic

disease, both of which sadly are fatal in the majority of cases.

Bunny love...


how to keep your rabbit safe from disease

AtWillows we offer a reduced pricemid-year health

check, 6months after the annual booster vaccination,

so we can check your rabbit is in tip-top condition and

discuss any concerns youmight have.

Call us on 0121 712 7070 to book an appointment.

Awarmwelcome toAmy

We are delighted to welcome

Amy Knapman

to our team

of general practice vets.

Having worked in high quality

general small animal practice for

almost three years, Amy joined

our team of Interns in March 2014.

Amy was keen to gain exposure

to the wealth of experience and

cutting-edge knowledge offered by

Willows’ renowned Specialists who

see patients sent to us by other vets.

As part of her Internship, Amy also

worked inWillows’ primary clinic

out-of-hours emergency service.

This operates 365 days of the year,

providing care for our clients’ pets

when they urgently need attention

at nights, at weekends or on

public holidays.

Amy will be coming into the primary

clinic team in April. She commented

“I am delighted to be joining the

first-opinion veterinary surgeons at

Willows. I have worked closely with

them during my Internship year,

and I am really looking forward to

becoming part of such a dedicated,

friendly team, and continuing to

provide the highest levels of care for

our clients’ pets.”