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Spotlight on poisons:
Xylitol and Nicotine
Did you know that chewing gum
could be poisonous to your pet?
Some chewing gum contains
additive code E967). Xylitol is an artificial
sweetener that is often found in sugar-free
chewing gum, nicotine replacement gum
and sweets. Xylitol can be very toxic to
dogs, causing low blood sugar and liver
damage. If your dog has ingested any
products containing xylitol, you should
contact your vet straight away.
is another substance which
is highly toxic to pets. Whilst it is most
commonly found in cigarettes, it is also
present in nicotine gum, nicotine patches
and in the refills for e-cigarettes. These
newer sources of nicotine are especially
likely to be eaten by dogs, and this can
have fatal consequences – sadly this was
recently the case for a Ivy, a Staffordshire
Bull Terrier in Cornwall who chewed an
e-cigarette refill.
Any nicotine products
should be kept well out of the reach of
pets, as well as children.
To learn more about household poisons, visit:
and type
in the Search box.
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Booster Vaccinations!
We are running a
£10 off voucher scheme
for booster vaccinations throughout 2014. Look
out for the voucher in your booster reminder letter, and don’t forget to bring it with you at the
time of the booster vaccination appointment!
Please note that to qualify for the £10 discount, you must present a valid voucher, and the booster must be given within a month of its due date)
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