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Protecting your pet
from creepy crawlies
As many of you will know, protecting your pet against parasites
is an important job, all year round.
Cats and dogs should be wormed regularly throughout the year to treat for
intestinal parasites, and cats that hunt in the summer months may need more
frequent treatment.
can thrive in our heated homes at all times of year, so it is important to make
sure your pet is covered against them in all seasons.
tend to be more of a problem in the summer and they can be picked up in long
grass. Some anti-tick medications can be toxic to cats, so it is important to chat to
your vet about appropriate protection for your pet.
protection is important in dogs that are fed outside or like to eat grass
this is because slugs and snails carry the parasite and they (or their infected slime)
can be accidentally ingested by dogs. With all the wet weather we have been having
in recent years, at-risk pets should be protected in all seasons.
Rabbits with faecal or urinary soiling of their coat can be at risk of ‘
fly strike
warmer weather. This is a particularly distressing condition where flies lay eggs on
the rabbit – once the eggs hatch, the maggots feed on the rabbit, causing potentially
serious problems and even death. Often affected rabbits will have an underlying
medical complaint, such as dental disease, and they require an examination
and treatment by a vet. Fly prevention/
deterrence is possible for at-risk animals, but
it is preferable that any underlying cause is
identified early and treated wherever possible.
If your rabbit has a ‘dirty bottom’, don’t delay
make an appointment with your vet who will
give you help and advice.
Your dog could be a life saver!
In conjunction with Pet Blood Bank uk,Willows runs regular
donor sessions. The Pet Blood Bank is a not-for-profit
organisation that provides life saving blood for dogs in the UK.
At Willows, donated blood is often used to save dogs with
life-threatening anaemia or blood loss. This would not be
possible without the help of willing owners and their
life-saving doggy blood donors! The ideal donor is a healthy
dog weighing over 25 kilos, aged between 1 and 8 years
and (very importantly!) with a good temperament.
To read more about patients that have benefited from blood
transfusions at Willows, visit our website and follow the
Blood Donor link on the home page. If you are interested
and think your dog might make a suitable donor, visit:
to find out more, or alternatively
phone the Pet Blood Bank on
01509 232222
For more information, visit our website which is packed with information on parasites and their control.
Go to
and type
in the Search box.
Each time a dog gives blood it can help save
the lives of up to
critically ill dogs.