Page 2 - Willows Primary Care Summer 2014

Our latest prize winner, a pet owner
from Leicestershire, said of their visit
We are so pleased we were referred
toWillows by our vet, as the care and
treatment that Dee Dee is receiving
is outstanding. This includes all of the
staff involved in our visits.We could not
wish for a better place to come.
Feedback Prize Draw – £100 winner!
We actively encourage client feedback,
and ask clients to complete one of our
feedback forms after each visit to the
practice. To encourage this, we run a
quarterly £100 M&S voucher prize
draw for everyone who has completed
a form (
whatever their comments!
You can give us your feedback/comments after your visit either by completing and returning
the formavailable from reception or by completing the online formby following the link from the
General Practice section of our website:
Getting a new puppy or kitten?
At Willows we offer a thirty minute consultation with the vet for all
new puppies and kittens. This gives us time to get to know your new
pet and to discuss preventative health care topics such as
dental care
We will also talk to you about
diet and training
and try to answer any other queries you may have
about caring for your new pet.
We know that dogs and cats come in all shapes and sizes and their requirements
can vary, and your visit will be tailored around you and your pet. The vet will also
perform a thorough clinical examination to check your pet’s overall health, just to
make sure that all is well. We know that getting a new puppy or kitten can be quite
overwhelming, and we will offer you as much help and support as we can.
We also offer a free health check at 6 months of age for any puppy or kitten that
has had its first course of vaccinations with us – this gives us an opportunity to
discuss any issues you might have, and to check that your pet is healthy and
developing as he or she should be.
Our website also contains useful information on looking after your new puppy
or kitten, and even what you should consider before having one...
Many dogs have to be re-homed every
year due to behavioural problems,
either because their new owners have
not had time to socialise and train
them properly, or because they simply
did not realise how demanding in time
or money having a dog can be.