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AWillows teameffort sets Smudge well on the road to recovery
To help to stabilise her condition, Smudge was given intravenous
fluids for shock, and pain relieving drugs to help to make her more
comfortable. She was monitored closely throughout the night by the
veterinary and nursing staff working on the wards. By the following
day Smudge was well enough to have some X-rays taken, but these
needed to be obtained under general anaesthesia. To minimise any risk,
Smudge was first assessed by one of Willow’s Specialist anaesthetists
to decide what sort of anaesthetic regime she could safely have,
as there was a concern that her accident may have increased the
chance of complications during anaesthesia. Once she was safely
anaesthetised, Smudge was X-rayed and the radiographs obtained
were reviewed by one of Willows’ team of Specialist diagnostic
imaging vets. The X-rays showed that Smudge’s lungs were normal,
but unfortunately
she had sustained
a quite badly
fractured pelvis
the bones had
broken right
through her
hip joint (the
Smudge was then assessed by Gareth Arthurs, one ofWillows’ orthopaedic
Specialists, who subsequently discussed her problem with her owners. It
was evident that if the fracture was not repaired, the hip joint would
remain badly damaged and severe arthritis and chronic lameness would
be the likely outcome. Smudge’s owners decided to go ahead with
an operation to have the fracture repaired. The surgery went well, and
the fractured pelvis was repaired using a stainless steel bone plate
and screws. X-rays taken immediately after the surgery showed that
the bones were well aligned and the hip joint was nicely reconstructed.
Post-operatively, Smudge was kept comfortable using a regime of pain
management prescribed and overseen by the anaesthesia team. Once
she was doing well in recovery, Smudge’s care was then transferred back to
Willow’s first opinion clinic vets.
Smudge was well
enough to go
home a few days
after her operation,
and we are
delighted to report
that she is making
very good progress.
Hopefully she will
stay well away
from cars in
the future!
Smudge, a one year old female Cocker Spaniel, was presented toWillows out-of-hours emergency clinic one evening following
a road traffic accident. Poor Smudge had been hit by a car and was not able to walk; in addition, her breathing rate was faster
than normal. One of Willows’ first opinion service, emergency vets assessed Smudge and admitted her to the hospital.
Mid-year health checks
The annual health check and vaccination
is an invaluable time for our primary vet
team to be able to thoroughly examine
our patients and question their owners
about all aspects of their pets health. This
examination will often draw attention to
problems of which the owner was unaware,
thus allowing us to investigate, treat and
manage them sooner than if left until the
symptoms become troublesome. The 15
minute appointment system we use at
Willows allows plenty of time to discuss
any issues arising and to formulate a plan.
However, a year is a long time in the life
of any of our patients, and especially so for
some – for example, elderly cats and dogs
developing various geriatric conditions, or
dogs, cats and rabbits who may be prone
to developing dental disease. Many of our
patients will benefit from 6 monthly health
checks, and we are now offering cut-price
mid-year health checks between booster
visits. These 15 minute appointments
allow us to examine our patients more
regularly in order to earlier diagnose and
treat any problems. For example, the subtle
weight loss in an elderly cat, all too often
not noticed or put down to ‘getting on’,
but which may actually be an early sign
of a treatable disease which, when under
control, will improve quality of life and life
expectancy. Even seemingly healthy pets can
have problems developing with areas such
as their ears, teeth or gums, and these may
well benefit from early intervention – ‘
a stitch
in time, saves nine!
It is also an opportunity
to discuss regular pet healthcare issues with
your vet, such as weight management, diet,
dental hygiene and parasite control.
So if it is around six months since your pet’s
last booster vaccination with us, and you would
like the peace of mind of knowing that all is
well with your much-loved family pet, please
contact reception and ask about coming for
a reduced cost mid-year health check
Telephone 0121 712 7070
X-ray of Smudge’s pelvis showing the fracture through
the hip joint (arrow)
Postoperative radiograph showing Smudge’s fractured
pelvis repaired using a stainless steel bone plate and screws
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