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Welcome to our Summer newsletter
AtWillows we see a wide variety of patients some of
whom have life-threatening diseases associated
with blood loss and severe anaemia. Some of
these patients need transfusions with blood or
blood products, and in the last four years over 100 of
our patients have benefitted from treatment that
would not have been possible without the help
and support of the Pet Blood Bank.
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summer 2013
The Pet Blood Bank is a not-for-profit
organisation that provides life-saving blood
products for dogs throughout the UK.
We receive a fantastic service from them
and this greatly improves our ability to
manage a wide range of life-threatening
and complex illnesses in dogs, many of
whom are referred to us for Specialist care.
August 2013 sees the 4th anniversary
of the move to our purpose-built multi-
disciplinary hospital, and as part of our
celebrations we are working with the
Pet Blood Bank charity to host our first
blood collection session on
Tuesday 13th
August 2013
However, to run a successful
session we clearly need dog blood donors!
If you are interested in finding out more
about the Pet Blood Bank charity, or would
like to watch a short video clip of a dog
giving blood, please visit the website
and go to
What happens at a blood collection day
If you feel that your dog may be a suitable
donor (donors need to be healthy dogs
over 25kg in weight, aged between 1 and 8
years with a good temperament) and you
would like to get involved, appointments
for the session at Willows on 13th August
can be made directly with the Pet Blood
Bank (not throughWillows) by phoning
them on
01509 232222
and asking if you
can register for the blood donation session
at Willows Veterinary Centre.
Willows blood donor session
Return towork
Laura Shaw
one of Willows team
of three primary clinic veterinary
surgeons, returned earlier this year
after maternity leave, as her baby
Mireille is now a year old.
Laura is enjoying catching up with
long termpatients andmeeting new
pets who have joined the practice
while she was away. Crinklecat,
Laura’s cat, is pleased to have a break
from the baby while she is at nursery
Mireille adores Crinklecat, but the
feeling is not mutual! Goose the dog
remains on his strict diet, although he
keeps eyeing up any leftovers since
Mireille started eating ‘human food’!
By donating a unit of blood a dog could truly be giving the gift of life to others.
Each time a dog gives blood it can help save the lives of up to four critically ill dogs.
Willows ‘Phone a Friend
for the
Pet Blood Bank Campaign 2013’
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